Return air grille manufacturers and suppliers

Return Air Grille Manufacturers

Here at Diepress Ltd Birmingham we specialise and manufacter return air grilles. Robustly constructed supply or return air grille made to suit in a range of finishes and designs. Made from durable and long lasting steel construction you can be assured of great performance and long lasting return air grilles.


Pressed Steel Return Air Grille

Pressed steel return air grilles are pressed out of Zintec coated steel.

Originally designed for use in warm air central heating systems and have been tested to be used as cover grilles for Intumescent Fire Grilles.

They are suitable for both supply and extract requirements.

  • Durable steel construction
  • 67% free area
  • Tested for use with Intumescent Fire Grilles

Pressed Steel Return Air Register

Pressed steel return air registers are constructed out of a bi-directional pressed steel return air face plate and a manual damper to allow for control of air flow.

Designed for use in warm air and ventilation systems requiring control of air flow

  • Durable steel construction
  • Suitable for supple and extract
  • Manual operated damper to control air flow


What is a return air grille?

Pressed Steel Return Air Grille

Also known as:

Pressed Steel Grille

Return Air Grille

Cover Grille

Cover Plate

Air Transfer Cover Grille

Door Grille

Steel Door Grille

Fire Grille Covers



In warm air central heating systems

As cover grilles for Intumescent Fire Grilles

Other areas of ventilation

Heavy footfall areas requiring robust product

Internal and external



Standard Free Area approximately 67%

Tested in accordance with BS476 parts 20 and 22 as cover grilles for Intumescent fire grille



Overall Size = List size + 41mm           ie. 300×300 = overall size 341×341

Internal size = List size – 12.5 mm          ie. 300×300 = internal size 287.5×287.5

Centres are 12.5mm

Raise 4mm



Pressed out of 0.9mm zintec coated steel



Available in Bare metal

White Ral 9010

Satin Aluminium Ral 9060

Other finishes available upon request



Supplied with fixing screws


Return Air Grille – A large grille that sucks back the air expelled from a reverse cycle air conditioner. Usually found somewhere hidden such as a hallway passage.